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The Magic Toy Chest
Graduate Games
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Pick up and use 16 unique and wacky toys across 8 different rooms of the house. Solve over 100 puzzles using the physics and fun actions of each toy. Launch rockets, drive trucks, and fly helicopters into your toy box with simple point & click controls.


Enjoy 100+ puzzles of physics action! Clean your house of toys before dinner!

  • 16 Zany and Wacky Toys! Launch space rockets, hurl water balloons, build toy train bridges and more!
  • Puzzles are approachable to all ages, but only skilled players will earn extra stars by completing their chores in a timely and efficient manner
  • Clean up 8 different rooms of the house!
  • Fully Featured Level Editor! Make your own Levels!
  • Submit your created Levels in-game!

Kid and Family Friendly Gameplay!

  • Simple Point & Click Controls
  • Earn Stars and unlock levels based on your skill level
  • 20 Training Levels Teach You to Play and use Every Toy
  • Optional Level Hints before each level
  • Mind Bending Physics Puzzles for all ages
  • No violence, NO profanity, NO mature themes

Physics are Fun!

  • The Chipmunk Game Dynamics Engine gives the player a dynamic and fun physics playground to explore
  • Every toy in the game has a unique shape, size, weight, and ability
  • Realistically stack blocks - watch as they wobble and eventually tumble
  • Create catapults, Enjoy Teddy Bear Ragdoll Physics, and more!
  • Dynamic Physics allow for several solutions to each puzzle
  • Control Time! Pause/Freeze Physics at any time

Frustration Free Gameplay

  • Infinite Level Attempts, No Enemies, and Great Level Hints
  • Stuck on a Level? Skip it! Each room of the house allows you to play its chores in any order!
  • Hit 'Q' to Restart a puzzle at any time.
  • The game automatically saves your progress and profile

Still not convinced? Check out what other Players and Reviewers are saying about the Magic Toy Chest:

  • "It's very tangible and makes for a simple but elegant game. If you enjoyed The Incredible Machine as a kid, then I don't see why you also wouldn't enjoy Toy Chest." - Greg Noe of The First Hour
  • 7 out of 10 - " Gameplay: 8 - With the physics and impressive level design, the game serves an experience that is not often found. Lasting Appeal: 8 - If you are a fan of this genre, then you know games like this offer massive replay value with the vast amount of solutions to any given problem." - Tim Hage of Tech-Olive
  • "Here's a game that might actually change children's attitudes when it comes to cleaning up their room...The game is definitely one worth experiencing if you have never tried anything from 'The Incredible Machine' series before." - Jianyang Tan of Casual Review
  • 4 ouf of 5 ! - "Teenagers and adults will enjoy the challenge of applying their knowledge of physics to complete levels." - Little A
  • GOLD STAR AWARD - 90% - "This is a welcome brain-stretching exercise for all The Incredible Machine fans, and ideal for parents looking to stretch their children - no violence, bright and cheerful, encouraging logical thought... and it might inspire them to tidy their rooms, but I can't promise anything in that direction! Now I'm off to try setting up a domino rally... " - Andrew Williams of Bytten
  • "The Magic Toychest was a really fun game and had a good balance between challenging puzzles and easier puzzles. The physics in the game are great and the toys and balls roll like you would expect them to when they are hit. Any player that likes physics games and enjoys puzzles, should definitely check out The Magic Toychest. The game has a lot of game play and is worth the $19.95." - Casual Gamer Chick
  • "The vibe in The Magic Toy Chest is deceptively cute, and while I'm sure that it would be a great game for the younger set, it also has a whole lot of meat in there for anyone to dig into....High score junkies are going to find a well balanced, challenging, and thoroughly engaging experience to dig into, and even those that usually aren't into going for high scores will find themselves saying "just one more try..." and getting addicted to perfection." - Frankie Leet of Radical Rom Reviews
  • "Parents needn't worry about their kids running this game, nor playing it - nothing even remotely objectionable can be found in The Magic Toy Chest, whose sole plot point is 'The house is a mess. Clean it up'..... the game is accessible, intuitive, and unimposing, presenting a colorful world full of amusing toys and an extremely basic premise and goal. " - Jesse Henning of GameCyte

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