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Important Note: You will want to read the five minute quickstart page before playing! SimWorld's gameplay is different from that of other FPS games, so you'll want to take a moment to read through the docs (maybe even while you wait for it to download).

SimWorld is a first person shooter where players divide into teams, build their own bases, and attack opposing teams. Join with your friends to create the best base while coordinating to take down the opposing fortresses.

Get around the large environment using cars or jets.

An integrated build system is provided to create detailed bases, and allows for fine-grained control over each piece. Create floating sky bases or underwater fortresses!

A level editor is also included for making your own world. Share your levels with the Archive community!

SimWorld is a small online game that we're developing as one of our primary projects at The Archive. It's currently in development, but still solid and fun to play!

Also see this game's website!

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