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Mad Skills Motocross
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A motocross game that focuses on pure, simple fun. Race like a mad man. Do backflips over spectacular jumps. Land perfectly, full throttle, and off you go.

  • Amazing physics and fun
  • 5 power-ups (incl. Nitro)
  • 5 divisions
  • 52 tracks and challenges
  • In-game level editor
  • Get stars for tricks
  • Easy to learn, very hard to master

You will collect achievement-like stars for tricks. You will get power-ups that might seem silly and useless at first. But these power-ups will be very useful once it ‘clicks’ for you and you figure out when and how to use them.

Unlike most other sidescrolling motocross games, Mad Skills Motocross is not about puzzles and obstacles. It is about racing. Pure and simple.

Getting to the finish line in the shortest time possible is the primary goal, while pulling off backflips, frontflips, wheelies and more is the secondary goal.

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