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Backyard Bones
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Backyard Bones: A puzzle game for by Walrii (and then some)

The goal of backyard bones is to help Ruby reach her bone, which has been buried somewhere in the backyard.

However, she only follows the simplest instructions: When she is resting (ie not moving) you can tell her to move up, down, left, or right. She will of course dig or walk as appropriate to the situation. Once she starts moving in a direction though, she won't stop until she cannot go any further. The exception is, of course, the surface of the yard. The reason she doesn't stop when you want her to, is because its very noisy digging underground, that she isn't the most well behaved dog (she wants her bone!), and because that wouldn't make the game any fun.

Because I realize some levels are more difficult than others (and because I have no real way to sort them based on difficulty), you can skip about to any level you please at any time.
For best results though, beat the first 3 levels in order to get a feel for what you can and can't do in the game.
While playing, you can press "O" to access the options menu (turn on or off ambiant noises, and adjust their volume)
or you can press "S" to skip the level you are on and select another one.

If you get stuck, press "R" to restart the level that you're on (or exit to the menu and select "Play" again).

Main dude who made it - Walrii
Head tester - Insane2757
Additional levels and secondary tester - Sim9
Sanity destroyer - Krumpert

Sound effect mp3s from released under a Creative Commons license (read it!)
Sound library used was FMOD -

Ruby pictures:
From (with permission? :P) and edited (some of them) by me (Walrii) to suit the game.

High Color Screen Fade functions - Matthew Leverton -
Text Input Routine - modified by me - originally by Chris Barry -
PaintShop Pro and or The Gimp used to edit the graphics
Allegro graphics library - (it's awesome!)

Copyright 2005 Archive Entertainment. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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